White Wolf Martial Arts


Rescue your club

White Wolf Martial Arts, like many other small businesses, has been greatly impacted by the current pandemic situation.
We were on the first batch of business to close and as result, the club has faced unprecedented financial distress that we are currently enduring and fighting.
White Wolf Martial Arts has been providing high quality community service and martial arts training to thousands for the last 15 years and we are sure we will re-bounce stronger when the crises is finished.
We kindly ask all current or ex members, or anyone else to HELP us, now when we most need it.
We are keeping our staff employed during this unprecedented times and together with your help, we will re-emerge and continue to provide unmatched service to our members and our community, continue to help kids, teen and adults alike, become the best version of themselves, learn valuable self-defence, develop great confidence, respect and discipline.
Please support us by making a donation below.
We are absolutely grateful for your help and we thank you in advance.

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