Ninjaroos® is our trade-marked, age-specific martial arts program for pre-schoolers, aged 3 – 4 years old and 5 – 7 years old. Ninjaroos® is awesome – and kids love it. It’s an inhouse martial arts educational-based program that has been especially designed and developed by professionals. It enriches children’s lives by instilling in them a “YES, I CAN” attitude, which is a strong basis for life-long success.
Our classes are well structured to keep interest level high. We emphasise the virtues of self-confidents, discipline, respect, courtesy and determination. The skills we teach are focus and concentration, balance, hand-eye coordination, control, fitness, flexibility, being able to listen, and so much more. We’ve designed specific drills to improve your child’s focus and concentration, and every 6 weeks we theme a class on this.

Because kids learn in a fun and amazing environment, we make our classes fun so the children are excited to attend each week. This means they will stick at classes for longer and so gain more and more benefits from the program.
We finish each class with a benefit-filled drill that our students love.

Helps with

Our Ninjaroos® program can help when a child:

30 minutes.
30 minutes works perfectly for pre-school children. They find that the time flies and before they know it, they’ll be thinking about their next class – and they can’t wait to tell you all about it!