White Wolf Martial Arts


White Wolf Martial Arts

is an approved Active Kids provider.

You can claim up to $ 100 per year by using 2 active kids vouchers per child.

To apply for vouchers, follow the link below and send us the voucher details along with your kids date of birth and you will be saving up to $100 per child.

Your kids can now learn martial arts and self defence and you SAVE.

Join now our fun, confidence building classes at one of our centres at Carnes Hill, Bonnyrigg Heights or Wetherill Park and you will be assured your children will develop more focus, discipline and listening skills, whilst practicing cool karate moves.

Please fill out this form to claim your Active Kids Vouchers.
Please enter your child’s full name exactly as per your Active Kids Voucher.
Once we receive your voucher, it will take approximately 2-3 weeks for the voucher to be processed.
You will then be credited for your membership fees, usually over 2 debits. The credit will reflect in your fortnightly debit.

The vouchers can not be used for cashback or part payment.