White Wolf Martial Arts


I have been lucky enough to have both my younger children in the White Wolf Martial Arts team for a number of years. Lakota was a shy young boy who wanted to join Martial Arts to try and feel like he could defend himself. Indiana was always wanting to follow in her brothers footsteps and the one time she got to try her first lesson she was hooked. Now as time has gone on, I as a parent can see the benefits of what Martial Arts has done for my children. They are stronger in the mind and heart, not only are their bodies strong but their sense of self is amazing to watch. Both my children have a strong understanding of who they want to be and where they want go in life and I believe this has a lot to do with the fact that when the children have something like Martial Arts in there lives to apart off they gain confidence and inner strength to believe that they can do anything. My children had the privilege to represent their club White Wolf Martial Arts and their country over in the U.K in 2015. At first it seemed scary for them but once they started the training with the highly skilled Instructors and the guidance of Shihan Adrian and Sensei Filomena they quickly started to believe that they had what it takes to be great on the world stage. It was amazing when the team came home with over 60 medals. But over all it was beautiful to see how much they had grown mentally and emotionally after the competition. The best thing I have done as a parent is ensure my kids are prepared for the future with confidence and White Wolf Martial Arts has done that.

Valeria Daniel

Montana and Luca started with White Wolf Martial Arts nearly 2 years ago. At first they were shy and didn’t really want to participate, it took Luca a good 3 months to really join his class without us having to pull him back in and stand next to him!!!! With the amazing support of EJ and Sharon Luca finally got the confidence to stay in class by himself. Now he loves going to class and he is happy to take on anybody who wants to take his toys or get in his way. Montana always loved class in the beginning she hesitated a little as she gets shy around other people, but slowly she is developing the confidence to hold her head up high. Last year she graded without her brother by her side and did a fantastic job. End of last year she received her sparring bag and is getting more and more confident in class and is happy to kick butt if anyone annoys her. We are so glad to have put the kids into a martial arts class as they are getting more confident every day and they will hopefully stand up to bullies if they ever need to. Thanks to all the team at White Wolf Martial Arts

Michelle Pallone

I would like to thank White Wold Martials Arts for everything they have taught Alessandro. Since Alessandro has joined White Martial Arts I have noticed a lot of his attributes grow like listening, concentration, commitment, seft control but above all else is confidence… Over the past 3 years he has grown and learnt a lot of new things, he loves practicing his basic skills over and over again to try and perfect them. He absolutely loves attending classes and hurry’s me out the door to get to class… He loves his White Wolf Family and is striving for his Black belt but knows it will be a string journey… Thank you again White Wolf Martial Arts i’m sure he will be a White Wolf team member for life…

Phillip Bonvino


I am the mother of Emilio who joined White Wolf Martial Arts Academy about 2 years ago. Emilio has some problem with his attention (attention disorder) and was very introverted. Since he joined White Wolf Martial Arts Academy his concentration and attention improve a 100 % and his confident has such a boost!!! He loves his classes and he learned  so much in this 2 years. I think as a mother was one of the best decision I took to enrol him in this White Wolf Martial Arts. The instructors are fantastic and really dedicated , they teach the kids not only martial arts but friendship and respect to everyone.  Now I will enrol my daughter too. Thanks a lot for everything you did for my kid.

Alejandra Ureta


Flicking through the local newspaper back in 2014 noticing the advertisement for White Wolf Martial Arts, we knew this could be something our son John needed, as he was looking to be challenged. John joined the club in March 2014, he absolutely loves attending the classes, as there is always a new challenge for him. John has also gained so much more confidence, he is a much better team player and has gained great leadership skills. These great qualities have also helped John at school and with social events. John was completed many tournaments, gradings, and is now currently in he leadership team. John is continually growing and being a part of the leadership team, you can see that he is now much more mature and knows that he has responsibilities which he completes to the best of his ability. He is loved by the young NINJAROOS children and has made many great friends. John hopes to continues with the leadership program, as this will continue to give him the confidence and respect that is needed in life. We are very happy that we made the decision to enrol John in White Wolf Martial Arts.

Nagebah El-Khoury


My daughter has been a student at White Wolf Martial Arts for 4 years. Her time there so far has been a  great one. The beneficial skills she has learnt has assisted in building character and has supported her personal development in both martial arts and also in school. The amazing team at White Wolf are very supportive and encourage each student to achieve their goals and strive for success. My daughter absolutely loves the staff and her peers and has formed great bonds with the team. I highly recommend White Wolf Martial Arts for children or adults alike, it is truly a rewarding experience. 

Michelle Phommachanh


My name is Jacob Herring, and I am 13 years old. White Wolf Martial Arts has been a fun and Worthwhile experience for me and has given me a confidence boost and strengthened my mind and my body. I have made many new friends, my reflexes and strengthen have improved. I love practicing punches and self defence moves.

Jacob Herring

Student at White Wolf Martial Arts

I remember the day l saw a flyer in our post box and coincidently  had been thinking about putting my son Rayaan in self defense class. He was 4 and 1/2 years old then and almost three years later he has developed into a young boy with good balance, good  coordination and able to concentrate longer. He has said that with martial arts it gives him confidence specially if there is a need for him to defend himself against bullies and strangers. Rayaan is always so proud to display and  tell us about his stripes when he gets it after his lessons.  White Wolf Martial school has given Rayaan this opportunity with excellent Sensei Fil and Shihan Adrian. This is accompanied with really friendly instructors Charles and E.J who have taken Rayaan under their wing. It is a long commitment and Rayaan is here for a long haul.  Thank you

Ravind LAL


The Insane Fitness classes are a mixture of Kick Boxing and “traditional” type exercises, it is the perfect combination for those who would like to get fit and learn how to box and defend themselves. The class is a great opportunity to have fun whilst getting fitter. I have attended the class for around a year now and I can truly say that I am a fitter person with a lot more knowledge about health and well-being. During this past year I have improved my fitness in various areas such as cardio, my strength and fighting techniques. It is thanks to the incredibly supportive team members that help me through each workout each day and only then am I able to push through until the end. The Insane Fitness class is one of the best decisions I have made in my fitness journey. Thank you. Sincerely,

Michelle Tran

I am Jannatul Khan, a mother of three children. I have a daughter and two sons. My two sons attend the martial arts classes at White Wolf Martial Arts Carnes Hill since November 2017. Araf Khan is 13 years old and Afeef Khan is 10 years old. Araf suffers Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mild Intellectual Disabilities. Afeef suffers ADHD, Moderate Intellectual Disabilities as well as Severe Autism. I always wanted to enrol them in martial arts but have never been able to find a proper service who can meet my children needs. When I met the instructors at White Wolf Martial Arts they just said to me that they love challenges, they will happily service me for my boys. I was happy but not sure how the boys will react. But my fear became my strength when I saw how well they were adapted in the class room! I was amazed to see the abilities of the instructors. I would love to give a special thanks to Sharon. Her continuous courages was really something I will never forget. My boys are never bored or loose their concentration in class. In fact they always remind me when the classes are. I love the growth of strength, confidence and self-esteem my boys has achieved so much. I am highly recommend White Wolf Martial Arts to anyone who is interested to enrol their child in martial arts. You will sure get a return of your investments.

Jannatul Khan


My name is Syra and I’m 7 years old. I started martial arts at White Wolf in September 2016. I started in the Ninjaroos class and now I’m in the White Wolf Junior Beginners Class. I am happy I joined martial arts. I have learnt a lot of techniques in my training like punches, kicking and blocks. My favourite is blocking. Its so much fun to be in White Wolf Martial Arts. My training have made me more confident and strong. I have lots of energy and training makes me happy. I have also made lots of new friends.

Syra Nazari Sobbi

My son has been attending White Wolf Martial Arts for a very long time now and during these years I have witness a huge change in him, he developed great self confidence, self discipline and has mature into a great young man. He is now involve in Leadership Team through this program he learnt how to teach  and respect others.  The teams are warm, welcoming and understanding  to our needs which is so nice, it is the best decision me and my husband has made and we are so happy for our son to be involve in such a wonderful and great team. I highly recommend White Wolf Martial Arts to anyone.  With regards, 

Savuth Soun


I want to take this opportunity to thank White Wolf Martial Arts for doing impossible for my two daughters. Especially for my older daughter Mia who is very shy, quit and always pulls back from any uncomfortable situation. I was worried that she may never like doing Karate but instructors, the owners and leaders have made a great difference. Mia and Sofia have been attending their classes twice a week for now around 7 months and the difference is huge. Mia is learning that her strengths is within her. Both Mia and Sofia cant wait to attend her classes on weekly basis. This was definitely the best decision my husband and I have made for our kids. Kindest Regards

Sanja Arcaba


Christos and Jacob have been doing Karate for over Two years now and they have both come a long way from when they started as 2 shy young boys with no experience what so ever in Martial Arts.  As in any sport there are times when they find it a little tough and loose some confidence  but they always try to do their best  and  with the advent of the Leadership Team there is extra help for the Instructors to help the students. A special mention must go to Charles who has been the prominent Instructor for Christos and Jacob over the period and his way of teaching the students is to be commended. The Boys love the challenge of bettering themselves and when an in-house tournament comes around they are always willing to have a go and challenge themselves. They both know they still have a long way to go but I feel that they are on the right path for success which is measured by their individual satisfaction of what they can achieve.

Andreas Lucas


Mariam Gago was always a small, shy year 2 kid at school, she often get made fun of. She was always afraid to stand up for herself, but she was very friendly and would often make friends but as she got older she lost her confidence and said “this needs to be fixed”. So one day her cousin came and said why not try WHIE WOLF MARTIAL ARTS so we took her for a trial she ended up loving it. Mariam now is on her brown belt, wants to get her black belt and become an instructor which is her goal and has been for years. She has also made many friends there and they are always there for her. Now she is been with White Wolf Martial Arts for 7 years and she has become something different and has improved so much. Mariam was just a little girl who could not do anything and every time she fells her arm or bones would break in other words she was very skinny and petite but now I see this teenager with so much power and strength, I though I would never see in her. Mariam is now 13 years old and loves Karate, she is continually growing, confidence, strength and now knows how to stand up and proudly being herself, she always hated herself, because she though she was never good enough to do anything and she stopped trying but now she always says “I am good at Karate and I enjoy it very much”.

Sohaila Gago


We signed our shy 6-year-old daughter up with White Wolf Martial Arts (Carnes Hill) with the view of improving her confidence, social and physical wellbeing. We weren’t disappointed… At first she was quite timid and embarrassed, but it didn’t take long for her to come out of her shell and that is all thanks to her trainer EJ who really takes these kids under his wing and nurtures their strengths while also teaching them discipline and structure, in turn they gain coordination skills and self awareness. Almost two years down the track and we cannot believe the changes in her. For example, she was invited by the Centre’s owner Filomena to perform at our local Autumn Fair and she blew us away, not only was she willing and excited to take part, but she had enough confidence to get on that stage and execute her newly acquired skills in front of a significant crowd. As a parent, this is the best gift we could receive, seeing our child unafraid to take on new challenges. She is now willing try new things, she forms new and lasting relationships with her peers and she absolutely loves going to her classes. Thank you White Wolf for embracing us as part of your family.

Pouliopoulos Family

The first time I stepped into the White Wolf Dojo I was nervous, but at the end I had so much fun. It was learning cool Karate moves and how to defend myself. I participated in few tournaments. I first interclub tournament I was so scared, but with the encouragement of my Shihan Adrian and Sensei Fil I managed to participate in some events in the tournaments. I did not win any of the events but I gained some experience and build up my confidence and self defence in each tournament. I encourage all the White Wolf students to participate in as many tournament as you can, it’s a great way to learn other participants and make new friends. I was lucky to had the opportunity when I was 9 yrs old to participate in the international tournament in Norwich, England. It was an extraordinary and eye open experience. I have been with Whit Wolf family for about 5 years and I still love it to this day. When I first started I was a shy and quiet girl and now I am more confident, more healthier and more fit, and a lot more happier. White Wolf changed my life and helped me become a better person. I am currently a member of the White Wolf Junior Leadership Team, and it taugh me so much on how to be a great leader and role model. In the future I hope to see myself teaching my own class and having my black belt and also being a better person.

Izabella Tran

My son started at the Little Ninjaroos class at White Wolf Martial Arts. He is currently a Brown Belt with Red Tip and is loving his class. I am very happy with the staffs who teach the classes and the senior belts who assist. I am very happy with the choice I made of sending him to White Wolf Dojo. Liam enjoys himself immensely, he has also enhanced his concentration in other area of his life, including school, self awareness and confidence and have lots of fun. The program has provided Liam with the sense of purpose in their life. I have watch him build strong friendships while developing his physical fitness, self defence and self discipline, also taught him to listen and defend himself in this society. Thank you for all efforts that the White Wolf has put into helping Liam, I am very proud of my son. Best Regards

Anna Phan


Hayden has been attending White Wolf Martial Arts for several months now. He has suffered for many years with feet problems and it has helped him tremendously with his balance and coordination as well as bettering his overall physical and mental strength. The staff at White Wolf Martial Arts are amazing and I can not praise the highly enough. I strongly recommend anyone wishing to take up martial arts to join White Wolf.

Thank you

Ivette Artesi


Hello Everyone, My name is Yammie. I’ve been with White Wolf Martial Arts since October 2018. My daughter (Yvonne) have been here since December 2017. We both love it so much!. I love training with my favourite Sensei Fil, because she trains us really well, although is hard work but it’s all worth it! I love training with Sensei Fil because she’s my inspiration. I’ve started because I’ve always loved the culture of Japan and everything to do with Japanese. My daughter (Yvonne) and myself trains on Wednesdays and Fridays at Wetherill Park Dojo. I wouldn’t have started if it wasn’t for Sensei Fil because she was the one who kept encouraging me to start. I was putting off for a while. So one day I said to myself, I need to loose weight, keep fit, be healthy and active because I am not getting any younger. So I started and loving it more and more everyday. White Wolf Martial Arts made both my son (Valentino) who started since March this year and my daughter (Yvonne) with so much confidence and saw they are very focused, have a better self-esteem and obey instruction given by all Sensei, Sempai and Shihan. Thank you Sensei Fil for inspiring me and encouraging me. I wouldn’t have the confident and courage to participate in the Australia Open Tournament in August 2019 for the very first time if it wan’t for Sensei Fil’s encouragement and hard work training us. She said “you can do it”! Thank you so much Sensei Fil and Shihan Adrian and a big, big thank you to my wonderful partner for supporting me through all this and also financially. I strongly recommend White Wolf Martial Arts to anyone who wishes to join.

Thank you

Yammie G

My son Thomas started with White Wolf Martial Arts 6 years ago. It has been a significant and important part of his life and he has made some really good friends. I can say without you guys he would not have been successful in getting his apprenticeship so as his mum I say thank you to Sensei Filomena, Shihan Adrian and Sempai Charles for your patience with him as he has grown from a shy boy to a happy and more confident young man working in his dream job. In his apprenticeship application he had to demonstrate how he had shown commitment. He wrote about the 6 years he dedicated to getting his black belt, even using the term an “Black Belt is just a White Belt that hasn’t quit” in his application. Hence y appreciation. Thank you!

Donna McCammond